SMT Shield Clips

SMT Shield Clips has good elasticity, easy to tin, and adopts SMD carrier tape packaging, which is convenient to mount, better separates the shielding area, strengthens the shielding effect, and reduces the production process, material and solderability of the shielding cover and the shielding frame , Flatness and packaging requirements, reduce the production and use costs of shielding covers and shielding frames, and also reduce the cost of subsequent motherboard production, inspection, and maintenance. After the patch production inspection is qualified, the shielding cover can be added. The shielding cover is directly removed from the fixing clip, and it is no longer necessary to blow off the shielding cover at high temperature, which avoids blowing off the main board when blowing off the shielding cover at high temperature. To the direct protective effect. It is the best product to replace the shielding frame.

Stander SMT Shield Clips

Aozez can produce countless customised EMC solutions, including:

• Fast secondary operation for Can assembly with no soldering;
• Allows easy removal/replacement of the Can without desoldering – avoiding PCB damage;
• Simple 5 side can construction gives for additional cost savings.
• 15 different products, for shield can thicknesses 0.13mm to 2.00mm.
• Low Profile clips, so cans as low as 1.0mm can use this method.
• High retention clip for additional retention force for the can.

If there is a need for a high volume, at Aozez we can produce finished shielding products directly from the raw material 

Customized SMT Shield Clips

At Aozez, we can manufacture customised shielding solutions for even the most complex geometry, and we are happy to offer advice and talk about materials and manufacturing technology.

We know how important the right EMI shielding products is in shielding a finished product from unwanted noise. Therefore, a clear advantage of choosing Aozez is that using, amongst other things, etching laser cutting technology, we can produce 100% customised solutions without tools.


Using with the laser cutting  and etching etching technology, at the prototype stage we can help the hardware engineer easy make the prototype sample test with the PCB design .24 hours we can finished with the shield can prototype design and make. 

Relet product use In PCB

Besidest SMT Shield Clips  Aozez can also manufacture other metal parts use in PCB like shield can with RF connector ,Spring contact parts ,PCB shield can .SMT Shielding Clips ,Metal stamping parts ,CNC parts, Die Casting Parts