RF Connector with shielding can

Aozez RF connector with shielding can main use in FTTH CATV,Set top box TV ,We are professional RF connector with shielding can  manufactory in China for over 12years ,

Aozez can make different material of rf connector with shielding can , F type connector with shielding can ,IEC Male and Female connector with shielding can,SMA Connector with shielding Can .

To resolve the EMI challenges along with increasing complexities of electronics nowadays, Aozez provides a
variety of shielding solutions giving effective isolation of electromagnetic interference through design phase
to fast prototyping and production. The in-house design and manufacturing capabilities are contributed by
stamping machines, CNC lathing and reflow soldering/welding operation that allow Aozez to support
customized designs with fast delivery schedule, high product performance, and good cost engineering result,
while meeting required specification and material. Applications are varied including set top box, TV tuner,
cable modem, cell phones and more


RF Connector with shield can

F Connector+Shield can

Aozez has a standard catalogue of standard F type connector the size have 30mm,25mm,17.5mm,16mm,14.5mm Long .

  • 75ohm connector with metal shield can 
  • SMA Connector assy with shield can
  •  Self-designed high frequency welding systemSupportive
  • customized designs
  • Flexible delivery & competitive cost
  • Sufficient manufacturing capacity

Aozez can produce countless customised EMC solutions, including:

  • An EMI shield can solution, where the shield is soldered on to the circuit board directly
  • Customised frame/cover solution, where the lid can be attached and detached manually
  • Solution consisting of several compartments for shielding multiple areas in one and the same design
  • Deep drawn metal shield can with good EMI Shielding
  • Alumina Material  shield can with the best heat sink for you Electronic component
  • Shield with RF Connector (IEC/F type) which main use in FTTH CATV set top box 
  • Die Casting metal shield can with RF connector 

If there is a need for a high volume, at Aozez we can produce finished shielding products directly from the raw material 

IEC Connector +Shielding Can

At Aozez,  IEC connector male and female connector with shielding can.  standard IEC connector size 30.5mm.20.8mm.16mm,14.5mm long male and female connector , We can quickly match the IEC connector what you need 

  • 75Ohm IEC male connector with metal shield can 
  • IEC male and female connector with metal shield can 
  • IEC Female connector with shield can 



Using with the laser cutting  and etching technology, at the prototype stage we can help the hardware engineer easy make the prototype sample test with the PCB design .24 hours we can finished with the RF connector with shield can prototype design and make. 

Relet product use In PCB

Besidest  RF connector with shield  Aozez can also manufacture other metal parts use in PCB like Heat sink,Spring contact parts ,PCB shield can .SMT Shielding Clips ,Metal stamping parts CNC parts,Die Casting Parts