Die Casting Parts

Aozez has a leading technology research and development team in the industry, with a number of die-casting industry experts, mold professional engineers, and quality technical experts.

Provide customers with a full range of pre-sale services in 3D design, mold flow analysis, mold manufacturing, die-casting process analysis, etc., and provide strong technical support for product development and mass production.

The technical center has a communication project team, and the dryer project team has several senior equipment professional engineers, mold design engineers, and precision machining engineers. With a supporting surface treatment factory, we can optimize product structure, machining characteristics, surface spraying, surface electroplating and other requirements together with customer research and development departments, and provide customers with a full range of high-quality services.

  • Diversified surface treatment to meet the requirements of high-end products in the industry
  • Molds made of imported steel reduce wear and maintenance time and stabilize production
  • With good fluidity and plasticity, it can produce a variety of complex shapes, clear contours, deep cavities and thin walls.
  • High material utilization. Can be used directly without or with a small amount of mechanical processing
  • 15-20 days mold-opening period, 2 hours speedy drawing and quotation
  • Material material: Zinc alloy,Aluminum alloy,Magnesium alloy,Copper alloy
  • Aozez make  mechanical parts processing, non-standard parts processing, hardware accessories, precision parts processing, aluminum products processing, and provide drawings or samples.
  •  Surface treatment of parts: for example: spraying, anodizing, electroplating.
  • There is no limit to the processing quantity, and the minimum order is one piece.
  • Customers: communications, medical treatment, machinery, electrical appliances, electronics, drones, etc

OEM Die Casting Parts

  • Material and casting solution:Suitable material will be recommended according to product function & strength requirement, and casting technic (die casting, low pressure casting, gravity casting, or other casting method) will be suggested.
  • Mold material, cavity number and casting machine tonnage will be recommended to optimize the total unit cost according to estimated usage in the product life cycle.
  • Aozez will advise whether machining is required, and which area should be machined, based on precision requirement and assembly performance.
  • A suitable surface treatment will be suggested according to the environment of use and corrosion resistance requirement.
  • Aozez will optimize the product structure, wall thickness, draft angle, weight reduction, etc. according to the casting characteristics.

Relet product use In PCB

Besidest Die Casting Parts  Aozez can also manufacture other metal parts use in PCB like Heat sink. spring contact ,Spring contact parts ,PCB shield can .SMT Shielding Clips ,Metal stamping parts CNC parts