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In the PCB shield industry, Aozez has many years of experience in this field, from the design and production process of shields, the design and production of shield molds, to the production of prototypes and mass production

• Free Prototype Samples
• One-stop design and production
• Program control
• Tolerance ±0.03

PCB Shielding Can

PCB shielding

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The PCB shield looks like a simple stamping part, but actually there are many problems in the production process. We have been in this industry for 12 years focusing on producing shielding covers. It can well avoid the problems in the production process, such as the oil stain on the surface, the flatness of the product, the packaging and transportation of the product.

We have our own mold room and design department, and the fastest time for shielding products from drawing to sample delivery is only 3 days

We have a visual inspection system that can analyze whether the shield is deformed, whether the flatness is good, integrated inspection and packaging machines, we can pack after inspection,

The most commonly used packaging for the shielding cover is Tray and Reel and Tape . Tray packaging is generally used to wrap the cover of the shielding , the Reel and tape  packaging for frame, and the Reel and tape  packaging can be directly installed with the SMT machin.