One Piece Shield Can

Good shielding effect and low cost

One piece shield can

  • Aozez pcb shield can manufactured for different industry use .We are a professional pcb shield can manufacturer in China for over 12 years.
  • Aozez can make different material of pcb shield can ,C7701Nickel silver alloy ,Stainless steel, aluminum ,tin plated ,copper and more Just send us your detailed requirement and we will send you aninstant quote.
  • There are many types of pcb shield can , Aozez are expert in most pcb shield can manfacturing. Main type one piece pcb shield can .two piece pcb shield can ,pcb shield can assy with RF connector ,Heat sink pcb shield can and more .
  • One Piece shield Quality

    • Aozez one piece shield can use with SMT Shield Clips 
    • Packing with reel and tape or tray 
    • Customized laser information on the shield can 
    • 500+ standard  shield can for you choose 
    • Free sample send with 24 hours 
    •  In the prototype stage, our engineers docked the design, faster and better mass production
    • Automatic visual inspection equipment to ensure one piece pcb shield can  quality
    • As one of the best pcb shied can manfactory , Aozez has passed a lot of certifications like ISO 9001, SGS , Rosh and more.
    • We have 10 sets of differentmanu pcb shield can facturing Machian , 2 sets pcb shield can packing and chekding machin , All the mould finised with our owen engineer .
    • Whether you need stander pcb shield can or need to custom any pcb shield can product,
    • Aozez can always satisfy your needs.’

    Sample One Piece Shield Can

    One piece shield can is a metal component made of various hardware materials. It has the characteristics of high precision, good flatness, and no burrs. Therefore, it is widely used in electronics, medical, automotive, aviation, communications, hardware and military, etc. Areas. The etching process has a great influence on product quality.

    • Material material: Tin plated ,Nickel Silver 
    • Etching proofing time: three days
    • Features: no burrs, pressure points, no product deformation
    • Price reference: comprehensively approved based on material material, thickness, precision requirements, and mass production quantity
    • Packing method: Reeal and tape or tray

    Relet product use In PCB

    Besidest one piece metal shield can  Aozez can also manufacture other metal parts use in PCB like Heat sink,Spring contact parts ,PCB shield can .SMT Shielding Clips ,Metal stamping parts CNC parts