Deep Drawn PCB Shielding

Our engineers can design in sync with our customers

Deep Drawn PCB Shield Can

Aozez Deep drawn pcb shield can  for higher shielding effectiveness Optimal Planarity for higher yield on reflow soldering Solid Construction to resist dents and warp

Aozez deep drawn shield can manufactured for different industry use .We are a professional pcb shield can   manufacturer in China for over 12 years.

Aozez can make different material of pcb shield can ,C7701Nickel silver alloy ,Stainless steel, aluminum ,tin plated ,copper and  more Just send us your detailed requirement and we will send you aninstant quote.

Deep Drawn Shield Quality

  • Molds made of imported steel reduce wear and maintenance time and stabilize production
  • Packing with reel and tape or tray 
  • Customized laser information on the shield can 
  • 500+ standard  shield can for you choose 
  • Free sample send with 24 hours 
  •  In the prototype stage, our engineers docked the design, faster and better mass production
  • Automatic visual inspection equipment to ensure one piece pcb shield can  quality 

Aozez can produce countless customised EMC solutions, including:

  • An EMI shield can solution, where the shield is soldered on to the circuit board directly
  • Customised frame/cover solution, where the lid can be attached and detached manually
  • Solution consisting of several compartments for shielding multiple areas in one and the same design
  • Deep drawn metal shield can with good EMI Shielding
  • Alumina Material  shield can with the best heat sink for you Electronic component
  • Shield with RF Connector (IEC/F type) which main use in FTTH CATV set top box 
  • Die Casting metal shield can with RF connector 

If there is a need for a high volume, at Aozez we can produce finished shielding products directly from the raw material 


At Aozez, we can manufacture customised shielding solutions for even the most complex geometry, and we are happy to offer advice and talk about materials and manufacturing technology.

We know how important the right EMI shielding products is in shielding a finished product from unwanted noise. Therefore, a clear advantage of choosing Aozez is that using, amongst other things, etching laser cutting technology, we can produce 100% customised solutions without tools.

12 years of experience in PCB Shield can production, 2 high-speed stamping production lines, automatic Reel and tape packaging machine. All products comply with environmental certification.

Using with the laser cutting  and etching etching technology, at the prototype stage we can help the hardware engineer easy make the prototype sample test with the PCB design .24 hours we can finished with the shield can prototype design and make. 

Relet product use In PCB

Besidest Deep Drawn shield Can Aozez can also manufacture other metal parts use in PCB like Heat sink. spring contact ,Spring contact parts ,PCB shield can .SMT Shielding Clips ,Metal stamping parts CNC parts ,Die casting parts.