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Aozez’s new seamless shielding cover adopts deep drawing process, which is completely sealed without any openings. The fully sealed SMT shielding frame and cover can provide higher shielding effect. The mold adopts rotary cut structure, and the flatness can be controlled within ±0.05 MM reduces the defective rate of products when SMT patching .
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For the Seamless shielding cover, we generally use C7251 nickel silver alloy  instead of C7701 to avoid the product from being broken during the stretching process.

Tray packing for Seamless shielding  cover , Reel and tape  for Seamless shielding fence ! Accept  as you request .

Aozez has many years of experience in the field of shielding covers. We mainly develop custom-made shielding covers and can provide various solutions. In the field of seamless shielding covers, the rotary cutting process pioneered by our grinding tool master controls the seamless cover very well. flatness problem

Yes, we can also make samples of seamless shields, unlike traditional bending shields, seamless shield samples can also be made

Of course, provide us with the vector file of the LOGO you need and we can start customizing on the PCB Shielding can 

Aozez Seamless Shielding : Effective until more than 60 GHz

More than 60 GHz​

Customized seamless shielding can