PCB Heat Sink

  • Aozez PCB Heat Sink manufactured for different industry use .We are a professional PCB heat sink manufacturer in China for over 12 years.
  • Aozez can make different material of pcb heat sink ,Aluminum alloy, pure copper, copper-aluminum composite
  • There are many types of pcb heat sink , Aozez are expert in most pcb heat sink manfacturing. Main type Stampings heat sink,ExtrusiON heat sink,Casting heat sink,Bonding the heat sink ,Folding the heat sink,Modified die-casting heat sink,Forging heat sinks,Skiving heat sink Machining heat sink and more .
PCB heat sink

Standard PCB Heat Sink

Aozez has a standard catalogue of pcb heat sink more then 500+  you can find with the standard  size. save the cost for the heat sink mould 

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Aozez has two aluminum extrusion production lines and 10 CNC Machin . automatic aluminum oxidation production lines. The products are widely used in automotive appliances, LED wind power generation

9 Types of PCB Heat Sink :

1. Stampings heat sink, copper sheet or aluminum sheet, can be made into the desired shape by stamping. This process has low cost, is suitable for mass production, and can be used for components with low thermal density. The embossed components also have the convenience of automation in assembly, so the cost can be further reduced.

2. ExtrusiON heat sink Extrusion is made by forcedly flowing the material into the die hole under high pressure to form the solid into a continuous strip of constant cross-section. Extrusion is the most widely used method in the manufacture of heat sinks, and the amount of equipment investment is medium. Rectangular needle-shaped heat sinks can be produced by cross-cutting, and jagged fins can be produced to increase performance by 10-20%, but it will reduce the speed of extrusion. The aspect ratio of the extrusion can be as high as 6, and the aspect ratio can be as high as 10 when using a special mold design.

3. Casting heat sink The molten metal is pressurized into the metal mold to produce precise-sized components. This technology can produce high-density pin-shaped heat sinks. High fixture cost is the biggest cost investment, but low component cost suitable for mass production can make up for this part. The thermal conductivity of the cast heat sink will be reduced by the infiltration of gas during solidification, resulting in porosity.

4. Bonding the heat sink and then the heat sink. Assemble the fins on the bottom of the heat sink. Adhesive has a great influence on the efficiency of the heat sink. If it is not manufactured properly, it will form a thermal barrier. Generally, thermal glue or solder is used. Since the bottom of the heat sink needs special processing, the cost will be higher. However, due to the improvement of manufacturing technology and the improvement of adhesives, such as thermally conductive aluminum filler, the cost of the heat sink is reduced. This process method can produce heat sinks with a high aspect ratio, which can greatly increase the cooling efficiency without increasing the volume requirements.

5. Folding the heat sink. Folding the heat sink folds the metal sheet into a fin array shape. Since the folded metal sheet is soldered to the bottom of the heat sink by soldering and brazing, it is caused on the interface Additional thermal resistance. The increase in manufacturing steps increases the cost. It is also difficult to manufacture fins with small pitch. Due to the increased heat dissipation area, the heat dissipation efficiency is good,

6. Modified die-casting heat sink. This manufacturing method is an extension of the traditional casting method. First, the relatively thin imprinted fin array is separated by spacers, and then fixed with a clamp to make the heat sink When the bottom is cast, the fins are fixed to the bottom to form a heat sink. This method eliminates the interface thermal resistance of the fin and bottom material, and this process can provide a high aspect ratio.

7. Forging heat sinks Forging heat sinks use a very high pressure punch method to press metal materials into the mold to form the fins. The process problem that may be encountered is that the material will block the mold in the mold. To make the height uneven, hot forging is easier, while cold forging can produce denser and stronger fins. The advantages of forging methods include high strength, small surface roughness, and material uniformity. Forged heat sinks have a high aspect ratio.

8. Skiving heat sink. This is a new method of heat sink manufacturing. The fins are processed with special tools, so that the arc-shaped precision thin slices are cut out from the metal block. Because the fin and the metal block are made of the same material, there is no Then the disadvantages of the heat sink or the folded heat sink. Due to the improvement of process technology, high-density fins can also be manufactured at present. Currently, 6063 aluminum is used, and the cutting of copper is still in the experimental stage. Since the depth of cut can be quite low, the thickness of the fin can be thinner, and a lighter and higher performance heat sink can be designed.

9. Machining heat sink The material is removed from the metal block by machining to form the shape of the fin. The most common way is to use a set of cutting saws on a CNC machine with a precise distance between the saws to cut the fin geometry. Since the fins are easily damaged or curled during processing, secondary processing is required. The advantage is that it is easy to automate, so there is still room for use in the future.

If there is a need for a high volume, at Aozez we can produce finished shielding products directly from the raw material 

Customized PCB Heat Sink

Aozez  have 12 years of experience in the pcb heat sink industry, and our engineers can assist customers in designing pcb heat sinks together during the initial design of the customer. Reduce the problems in the later batch production.
The company has complete pcb heat sink production equipment, which can be completed within 7 day’s from design to prototype production to mass production.

Aozez PCB heat sink meets environmental protection requirements SGS, ROSH,REACH 

Relet product use In PCB

Besidest PCB Heat sink  Aozez can also manufacture other metal parts use in PCB like shield can with RF connector ,Spring contact parts ,PCB shield can .SMT Shielding Clips ,Metal stamping parts ,CNC parts