Multi Cavity Shielding Can

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Multi Cavity shielding cover relates to the shielding structure of electronic products. There is a partition on the lower side of the cover plate, which divides the shielding cover into several independent shielding chambers. The purpose of forming multiple independent shielding spaces is achieved by bending the cover plate partially downwards,

  • low production cost
  • Reliable structure
  • Convenient installation

Multi Cavity Shielding Can

you asked Multi Cavity Shielding

The multi-cavity shield is larger than the general shield and has more independent space. The mold structure is more complicated than the general shield, and the mold cost will increase by 30%.

Of course, we can have our own mold room and mold master, and the multi-cavity shield can also provide prototype samples。

As you have needs, we can design the drawings of the shielding cover simultaneously with you, and arrange prototype samples for your testing

The multi shielding can we normal use the tray packing .

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