Nickel Silver RF Shield Can

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The shielding case produced by Nickel Silver Alloy has excellent shielding performance, good heat dissipation, high conductivity, corrosion resistance, easy processing and other characteristics, and is especially suitable for the production of shielding case. We can customize the shielding cover of nickel-nickel copper raw materials according to customer requirements. The thickness of the product is from 0.1-1.0mm

Nickel silver alloy shielding

advance nickel silver alloy RF shielding

Nickel Silver Alloy  shielding cover has excellent electromagnetic shielding effect, which can effectively isolate and suppress the influence of external electromagnetic interference on the circuit board. It can absorb and reflect electromagnetic waves, thereby protecting the circuit from interference and improving the performance stability of the product.

Nickel Silver alloy  is a material with excellent conductivity, featuring low resistance and low reactance. This means that the silver cupronickel shield can effectively conduct electromagnetic energy and disperse it to the ground, thereby reducing the influence of electromagnetic radiation on the circuit.

Nickel Silver alloy   shields have high plasticity and processability, and can be customized according to the shape and size of the circuit board.

Compared with other materials, the Nick Silver alloy shielding cover has a lower density, so it can realize the lightweight design of the product while ensuring the shielding effect. This is very beneficial for some application scenarios with high weight requirements, such as portable devices.

Nickel Silver alloy shields exhibit good corrosion resistance in the face of various environmental conditions. It can resist the corrosion and oxidation of its surface by humidity, high temperature, chemical substances and other factors, so as to maintain the stability of its electromagnetic shielding performance and appearance.

Nickel Silver alloy material will not rust, all laser information can be placed on the surface of the shielding cover