Insulation PCB Shielding

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One of the insulation methods for the insulation shield is to print insulation paint on the metal raw material. It plays a role in insulation protection and cooling.

The second insulation method for insulation shield is to simultaneously divide it into local insulation (insulation treatment is only carried out on parts that may come into contact with other electronic devices) and overall insulation (the entire back of the shield is sprayed with insulation paint).

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Applying insulating varnish on the shield can well avoid the insulation problem between the metal components and the shield, and can also have a better heat dissipation effect

We can carry out customized production according to the requirements of customers, whether it is tinplate, nickel silver alloy or stainless steel, we can produce it. The most commonly used material is nickel-silver alloy 

Insulating paint generally has two kinds of black and yellow, yellow is more commonly used

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