Cold Heading Parts

Cold extrusion is an important part of precision plastic volume forming technology. Cold extrusion refers to placing the metal blank in the mold cavity in the cold state, and
Under the action of strong pressure and certain speed, the metal is forced out of the mold cavity to obtain the required shape, size and mechanical properties.
Extrusion. Obviously, cold extrusion processing relies on molds to control the flow of metal, and relies on a large amount of metal volume transfer to form parts.
Cold extrusion technology is a high-precision, high-efficiency, high-quality and low-consumption advanced production technology, which is mostly used in the large-scale production of small and medium forgings. and
Compared with hot forging and warm forging processes, it can save 30% ~ 50% of material, 40% ~ 80% of energy, and can improve the quality of forgings and improve the working environment.

Cold Heading Parts

Aozez Cold heading parts  manufactured for different industry use .We are a professional cold heading  manufacturer in China for over 12 years.

Aozez professional focus Manufacturer of special-shaped non-standard cold heading technology

  •  Save raw materials. Cold extrusion is the use of metal plastic deformation to make parts of the required shape, which can greatly reduce the cutting process and improve Material utilization. The material utilization rate of cold extrusion-generally can reach more than 80%.
  •  Improve labor productivity. Using cold extrusion technology instead of cutting to manufacture parts can increase productivity several times, dozens of times, or even hundreds of times.
  • The parts can obtain ideal surface roughness and dimensional accuracy. The accuracy of the parts can reach IT7~IT8, and the surface roughness can reach R0.2~R0.6. Therefore, the parts processed by cold extrusion are generally seldom processed again, and only need to be fine-grinded where the requirements are particularly high.
  •  Improve the mechanical properties of parts. The cold working hardening of the metal after cold extrusion, and the formation of reasonable fiber streamline distribution inside the part, make zero The strength of the piece is much higher than the strength of the raw material. In addition, a reasonable cold extrusion process can form compressive stress on the surface of the part and increase the fatigue strength. Therefore, a certain
    Some parts that originally required heat treatment to strengthen can be omitted after the cold extrusion process, and some parts originally need to be made of high-strength steel, and use cold extrusion. After the process, it can be replaced by steel with lower strength.
  • It can process parts with complex shapes and difficult to cut. Such as special-shaped cross-sections, complex internal cavities, internal teeth and internal grooves that are invisible on the surface, etc.
  • Reduce the cost of parts. Because the cold extrusion process can save raw materials, improve productivity, reduce the amount of cutting parts, and use poor Substituting high-quality materials for materials, etc., so as to reduce the cost of parts

Sample Cold Heading Parts


  • Material material: stainless steel
  • Features: no burrs, pressure points, no product deformation
  • Price reference: comprehensively approved based on material material, thickness, precision requirements, and mass production quantity
  • Packing method: Generally, it is carried out according to customer requirements or by carton with spacer cardboard and pad cardboard,

Relet product use In PCB

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