Aozez Services

We Are a ‘One-Stop’ Factory  For All Your Stamping Parts 

Metal Stamping

Aozez Stampings’ precision, short-run stamping process utilizes a unique tooling method where hardened tooling components are used in conjunction with standard holders and fixtures, thereby taking the place of conventional die sets. Our large library of more than 350 tooling fixtures is available for use and customization—at little to no cost to the customer. Our unique short-run tooling methods offer up to an 75% reduction in costs versus conventional metal stamping tooling methods.

Laser Cutting

Aozez Manufacturing provides high quality, economical laser-cut parts by combining top-of-the-line equipment, efficient nesting software, and highly trained, experienced laser operators. There are no tooling requirements due to the fact that you simply program the computer and the laser is able to accurately cut and reproduce the design over and over again. Unlike traditional cutting methods a laser beam exerts no mechanical or outside contact on the piece being cut.

Bending & Forming

Our facility is equipped to bend pipe and tube from 1/4″ O.D. to 6″ O.D. We have a total of 2 tube bending and rolling machines. Aozez Manufacturing continues to be in the forefront of tube bending technology by using “Lean & Green” all-electric CNC tube benders. With this technology we are able to deliver our customer quality China-made bent products in a cost effect and time efficient manner.

Die Casting

We offer  die casting  We understand the complexities of welding materials and techniques, and our team of experts will help you identify the right service for your specific application requirements


Aozez Machining provides 3-axis milling services in-house. Countersinks, chamfers, counter bores, tapping, and full CNC-milling are performed as value-added services. We specialize in providing precision CNC machining services, utilizing CNC and conventional machining equipment. Aided by an array of CAD/CAM software our dedicated engineering and CNC machine shop staff is committed to manufacturing your milled component in the most efficient, precise, and cost effective manner possible.

Metal Finishing

We specialize in high quality electropolishing, passivation, metal pickling, chemical cleaning, protective coatings and mechanical polishing services. With large size capabilities, we are able to handle projects for all sizes in our plant for any item that can be brought in over-the-road. All of our metal finishing services are available on-site. Our facility features multiple production lines with overhead cranes, enabling us to complete projects quickly and efficiently. Computerized procedures and bath chemistry controls assure consistency and repeatability of our metal finishing processes and electropolishing services.

Tool & Die

We pride ourselves on outstanding China made tool and die design and manufacturing. Whether you make exacting medical parts or rugged ATV’s, Aozez Manufacturing offers our customers a wide variety of dies and stamping capabilities including: coining, forming, secondary and hand transfer dies, and progressive and transfer stamping. And no matter the material or size of your order, we offer excellent tooling (checking, welding, inspection, and assembly fixtures) and peerless quality control.


Combining our engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and quality team, we will assemble all the aspects of your complete design. From the smallest components and wiring to the largest machined parts, our experienced team will provide the turn-key solution you are looking for. Aozez Manufacturing will customize, manufacture, test, assemble, package and ship your products right to your business.

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