Prototype Shielding Sample

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In the design and development stage of shielding cover products, prototype samples can well solve the problems of high mold opening cost, long time, and later mold modification.
We can use soft tooling to make the sample, and we can complete the delivery of prototype samples within 2 days at the earliest. According to the drawing provided by the customer, we will use etching to process the plane of the product, and then use a small CNC bending machine for processing, or use soft tooling. Contact us now to make prototype samples

Customer synchronous design

you asked Prototype sample

Provide us with a drawing of your product, we can arrange to make a prototype sample. If there is no drawing, you can tell us what you want, and we can also arrange to make it

Of course, we have Nickel Silver Alloy, tinplate and stainless steel materials of various specifications with a thickness of 0.15-1.0mm in our material warehouse to meet your requirements.

Prototype samples are just for testing, customers generally require 5-20 sets, but we can also make prototype samples of less than 200 sets, it depends on your needs

Yes Prototype samples can also be lasered onto the shield as per your request

Prototype Sample We Are Packing with tray , if you need with reel and tape packing  also we can support you !

From drawings to samples, it usually takes 2 days!

Using with the laser cutting  and etching etching technology, at the prototype stage we can help the hardware engineer easy make the prototype sample test with the PCB design. 24 hours we can finished with the shield can prototype design and make with the small CNC machine .For the prototype the tolerance we can make as ±0.1mm. That can help engineer design the PCB shielding better !.

Prototype Shielding Sample

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